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Schoggifestival ehrundredlich 2020_eng

Dear exhibitors


It's wonderful that you want to take part in the Schoggifestival 2020. Welcome to the registration area, which is coupled with a short survey.


At the Schoggifestival ehrundredlich 2020, we support with the best of

our knowledge and conscience those companies that convince us through

their social and ecological responsibility, but also with their

products: social entrepreneurs, bean-to-bar companies, direct trade

organisations, but also start-ups that emphasise the authentic character

of their chocolate, pioneers of empowerment and trading companies that

combine social and ecological values economically and establish

sustainable supply chains for chocolate, as well as gourmet companies

that have a responsible supply chain. In short, an honest

and trustworthy generation of companies active in the cocoa and

chocolate sector.


The festival is also aimed at organisations and institutions from the

non-profit sector that are at home in this area with critical,

constructive and innovative ideas.


Because we all want to show society and also the cocoa and chocolate

world that chocolate production is also possible that assumes social and

ecological responsibility. Five areas are particularly important to us:


- Respect for human rights and the environment


- Honest and honest cooperation (empowerment)


- Living Income


- high transparency


- innovative and sustainable pioneering character


Filling out the registration form takes some time. You can save the

answers at any time and continue filling them out at a later date. At

the top right you will find the structure of the survey and can view the

individual questions before answering them. The present registration and

survey is somewhat more extensive than other registrations for various



1. from the very beginning we would like to honestly preserve the

credibility of the Schoggifestival.


2. we want to know your orientation and needs from the beginning so that

we can design the programme accordingly and work with you.


3. we want to spare all unnecessary e-mail floods when collecting



4. We want to be able to meet the target groups as accurately as



Please try to answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and

conscience - apart from our own knowledge of the subject, we have no way

of checking your answers.


The survey will be treated confidentially. However, since we believe

that transparency is a key factor for sustainability, we would like to

use some data in the company or organisation portraits - of course with

prior consultation. The corresponding questions are marked with "Data

for publication" in the answer or comment fields.


Registration deadline: 16 December 2019


Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.


Your chocolate team







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